Disney Lingo You Need To Know

It’s alphabetized! It’s color-coded! It’s free to download! It’s my list of Disney Abbreviation Lingo You Need To Know! Disney people, like Moi, love to use abbreviations because Disney loves to give everything like 5-word names. Not to mention, Disney people just assume that everyone is part of the cool kid’s club and know exactly what they mean. I am here to help, link below to the best darn free PDF that I have on Disney Abbreviations. I was kind enough to include a few words about what the heck the thing even is. Another thing that Disney people assume is that you know what they are talking about simply by the name. Not true folks! Not everyone has the same Disney affliction as I do.

I hope that you can find this list helpful in your Disney planning. Be sure to let me know if I missed any of your favorites.

Find The Magical Free List Painstakingly Compiled By This Awesome Disney Lovin’ Gal Here: Disney Abbreviations

I am releasing an entire Disney Basics series over on YouTube at Suitcase Princess



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